Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Useless Electronic Circuits

Hello there, welcome to my Useless Electronic Circuits blog. Here I will post some cool looking, challenging yet extremely fun electronic circuits you can build.

So to start, a little introduction as to why start creating useless electronic circuits.

I studied Electronics most of my life, since I was in middle school electronics have been my passion and have been creating some circuits since then. Most of the time when you get information about electronics it is to make some tool you can use to do some other task, it made sense, to use knowledge to facilitate a task.

But after making countless semi-useful electronic circuits I became a little bored with them, the thrill of creating them faded after it was done. So I decided to start making electronic circuits that I can have fun with after i finish them, like puzzles, small games, a little gadget or some other stuff I could share with friends and family.

In that process I noticed many people actually like useless electronics, they found them fun and amusing, so I decided to share my cute little circuits online, so that other electronics enthusiast and their friends may benefit from them.

The first circuit is a little puzzle I created. The purpose is to press a series of buttons in the correct order, if you press the wrong one you'll get the "loser-buzzer", kind of like what happens in that know board game that I can't remember the name, where you play doctor.

The exact rules are up to you, there is a little catch to use the circuit, you have to rewire the buttons to make a new combination, but that is easy and doesn't even require technical knowledge.

So here is the circuit diagram:

fun useless electronic circuit puzzle

The puzzle itself is a logic circuit, designed so that only the correct order of the buttons will turn on the indicator leds, any other will trigger the loser-buzzer.

So there you have it, your first useless electronic circuit ready to play. Any questions or comments about this circuit feel free to post them here.

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  1. nice!!! :)but i think u could use a mux for this